Gelderland frischwaren


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traditional assortment

Convenience products

New products

Our Traditional assortment:
Natural and established

The Gelderland traditional assortment includes spicy bacon products such as our master-specialty "Original Gelderländer pork belly". For this specialty skinny pork bellies from the region are dried and mildly salted. Our natural smoking process with beechwood gives our products their special aromatic note.

Our Convenience products
Innovation for our customers

Our selection of products includes many ready-to-cook products for the catering industry, which can be processed immediately in various ways. Our practical Gelderland products such as Ham cubes or crispy bacon slices refine and season dishes in a unique way.

New products
Unique products

We want to surprise and impress our customers again and again with new ideas . Consumer demands are constantly changing and we answer that with new products and solutions. Let us surprise you and inspire you with new ideas and possibilities.