Your Bacon Specialist


In the world of business, nothing beats good contacts. That's why we like to stay close to the market, close to the consumer and close to you, the customer. It means we can be a professional partner for all your needs, providing you with exactly the product you want: our Gelderländer pork belly with its fragrant beech-wood smoked aroma, for example, or our Geldergold ham and cheese log, or our perfectly grilled bacon.

Gelderland Frischwaren GmbH, based in Emmerich am Rhein, has been supplying first-class meat products since 1967. Alongside classics such as Original Gelderländer Pork Belly, we also supply a host of convenience products for the retail, wholesale and industrial markets. In response to growing customer demand, we are continuously expanding our range in this segment.

Our quality

Prime quality combined with great flavour: thanks to our many years of experience, we at Gelderland Frischwaren are specialists in bacon products and meat-processing.

tapas in three varieties

Discover our great range of tapas and a whole new world of sweet 'n' savoury.