We are the bacon specialists for you! Gelderland Frischwaren is where you are sure to find the bacon product that fits your requirements perfectly. 

Bacon Slices

Doesn't it make your mouth water? Crispy bacon for breakfast, rashers sizzling in the pan! Our bacon is the perfect partner for eggs, whether fried, poached or scrambled. And as a topping for a juicy burger, it's hard to beat.

Raw cured bacon | Tailor-made packaging options | 100-1000g modified atmosphere packaging | Card board box / E2 crate | Chilled and deep frozen

Bacon Strips

Using the very latest production methods, we turn pork belly into tender, top-quality bacon strips with a unique flavour. Liven up your bakes, gratins and pasta dishes with a deliciously smoky taste.

Raw cured bacon | 100-250g dual chamber modified atmosphere packs / 2.5-7.5kg modified atmosphere bags / 10-15kg loose | Cardboard box/ E2 crate | Chilled and IQF

Bacon Dices

Packed in a handy, reusable five-kilogram container with a safety seal, our bacon dices are individually quick frozen according to strict quality standards. The ideal accompaniment for pasta dishes, stews and many other great recipes. Our bacon dices are also available in other container sizes and packaging options.

Raw cured bacon | 100-250g dual chamber modified atmosphere packages / 0.750-2.5kg vacuum pack / 5kg bucket IQF / 2.5-7.5kg modified atmosphere bags / 10-15kg loose | Cardboard box / E2 crate | Chilled and IQF

Back Bacon - English Style

Bacon made the English way, cut from the loin and gently smoked over beech wood: no English breakfast is complete without it. Also great with baked beans

Raw cured bacon | 90g modified atmosphere pack | Cardboard box / E2 crate | Chilled and deep frozen

Hot-smoked Bacon Products

Our hot-smoked bacon products are available in a variety of forms, including rashers and cubes. Mildly smoked and gently cooked, they are the perfect accompaniment to savoury dishes.

Cooked cured bacon | Available in many varieties: slices, cubes or half bellies | Modified atmosphere packs / modified atmosphere bags / loose | Cardboard box / E2 crate | Chilled, deep frozen or IQF

Tarte Flambée Strips (Cooked Bacon Strips)

The ideal choice for tarte flambée. Quick and easy to use, these handy bacon strips are also perfect for many other recipes such as tortellini.

Cooked cured bacon | 2.5-10 kg modified atmosphere bags | Cardboard box / E2 crate | Chilled and deep frozen

Grill Bacon

Our grill bacon will add spice to your next barbecue evening.
Available in three delicious varieties: Classic – gently salted and smoked; Barbecue – with a red pepper marinade; and Mediterranean – with fresh, aromatic herbs. Both sides of the bacon are seasoned. Quick and easy to prepare in the frying pan or under the grill.

Raw cured bacon | Available in 3 delicious flavours: classic, barbecue and mediterranean | 250g modified atmosphere trays | Cardboard box / E2 crate | Chilled and deep frozen